Linux web server?

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Tue May 16 11:57:17 PDT 2000

I agree with Chris. Unless you own a e-commerce (big one) company it's not
worth running your own server. I have 25 domain names hosting at a company
and it only costs $6.95/month each. I don't know how much storage you need,
but you can email me (in private) and I can let you know the company I use,
I am content with them.

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> Expect to pay a _lot_ of money for a T1 (on the order of

> $1500/month). Running your own server can get pretty expensive in a

> hurry; are you making anough money off it to justify paying all the

> costs? You could also get space with a professional hosting company if

> you're just looking for space and bandwidth and don't need the kind of

> fine control that running your own server gives you.


> Most cable companies aren't going to let you run your own server; DSL

> providers are more lenient, and might even sell you a 'business' DSL

> connection that would encourage this sort of thing. I'd recommend against

> ISDN because they're super-expensive for the bandwidth (although with

> companies like MegaPOP putting PRIs in everywhere, it might be getting

> more reasonable now). You can also get a frame or ATM fractional T1 that

> would drop the T1 price down below $1000/month. Internet connectivity is

> expensive, though; the only reason it's so cheap for consumers is that

> ISPs are counting on consumers to not _use_ all that bandwidth and so

> they'll typically overload the hell out of their lines.


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> On Tue, 16 May 2000, blas pedro uberuaga wrote:


> > What kind of connection do you have? Is something like T1 necessary

> > to get good bandwidth, or is DSL/ISDN/(is there a digital cable

> > version) fast enough for 5 to 10 GB per month?

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