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William Rowden rowdenw at eskimo.com
Tue May 16 16:58:10 PDT 2000

Today, Christopher Twigg wrote:

> Colocation with a smaller ISP, though, might be somewhat

> reasonable and is probably worth looking into.

A friend of mine who had his server co-located says this:

I made a deal with Isomedia that they could sell my web
advertising space in return for not having to pay colocation
I think their normal cost is $200 per month, which is a
great deal because (a) it's about as cheap as you'll find,
(b) they are a "big" service with 99% guaranteed uptime,
power backups, etc, and (c) they use linux on their servers
so their tech support can usually help you out without your
having to go in unless there's hardware problems.

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