Python PIL Errors

Bradey Honsinger bradeyh at
Wed May 17 00:18:18 PDT 2000

Well, it was a real pain in the butt, but I got PIL (the Python Imaging
Library) to build under Mandrake 7. The steps that I should have taken are
as follows (the true path was much messier):

First, download and install the Python developer RPM,

Then, download and extract the PIL source files from Imaging-1.0.tar.gz, and
begin following the steps in the README file, with the following additions:

Step 3: Note that it doesn't really matter where you unpack the files to.

Step 6: Copy to Setup, and edit Setup as follows:
- Change all instances of '/usr/local' to '/usr' (Mandrake paths)
- Add the line '-L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11 \' before the JPEG library line
(I added it at line 34)--the trailing '\' is important.
This is apparently a 'known issue' at Pythonware, but it's not
documented anywhere but in the Image SIG archives at
If you don't add in the X11 lib, you'll get an
'undefined symbol: XFreePixmap' error when you try to
'import _imaging' later.

Step 7: Change '/usr/local' to '/usr' in

Step 9: Change '/usr/local' to '/usr' and 'Python1.5' to 'python1.5'
when running the commands. If the 'site-extensions' directory doesn't
exist, you'll have to create it. I also copied the FORMATS file over
to the PIL directory, since it looked useful.

It's possible to get PIL to build from a source RPM, or using the Python
tarball, but it's really, really, annoying. When I figured out what the
python-devel RPM was for, everything became much, much simpler. It's hinted
at in Step 2 of the PIL README, but never explicitly stated.

- Bradey

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> I keep getting errors when I try to do step 7 of the PIL README file.


> [root at mandrake Imaging-1.0]# make -f boot



> make[1]: *** No rule to make target

> `/usr/lib/python1.5/config/Makefile',

> needed by `sedscript'. Stop.


> The PIL README file says this is caused by not building

> python from sources,

> so I tried to do that. I downloaded python 1.5.2 and

> attempted to install it,

> but I get this error.


> [root at mandrake Python-1.5.2]# make -C /usr/lib/ install

> make: *** No rule to make target `install'. Stop.

> make: Leaving directory `/usr/lib'


> It appears to be basically the same thing (No rule) as the

> PIL error. This is

> frustrating, I'm not getting much done. If you've got time, I

> would appreciate

> help. Thanks!


> Benjamin


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