Co-location in the Seattle area.

M. Oesterwinter marcuso at
Wed May 17 12:43:21 PDT 2000

There were some short little talks about co-location earlier. I am
curious if anyone has researched co-location in the Seattle area. I have
been doing some checking. I am looking for the standard 1M burstable to
10M. Here is what I have found so far:

Very secure, hand scan access - racks are open (no door)
24x7 access
Closed circuit cameras
Well connected
$1500 a month for a half rack

Not very secure - open racks
Must page someone for access
No cameras
4 DS-3s
$600 a month for 1/2 rack plus usage after 6GB

Level 3
Very nice - very cheap
No space available this year!

Keycard access - closed racks
24x7 access
No cameras
2 OC-48s - they tout themselves as having a very reliable network
$1200ish after discounts for a full rack

Currently thinking Orconet is number one choise. Then NW Link. Any
comments or experiences?

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