Co-location in the Seattle area.

Greg Daly gdaly at
Wed May 17 12:52:12 PDT 2000

well, seems that the guys at /. have a few complaints about exodus (as do
some of the readers). If I remember correctly, wolfenet was almost exactly
like orconet's facilities, and it was around the same price.... you would
have to call though (I must have deleted that quote I got).
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Subject: Co-location in the Seattle area.

| There were some short little talks about co-location earlier. I am

| curious if anyone has researched co-location in the Seattle area. I have

| been doing some checking. I am looking for the standard 1M burstable to

| 10M. Here is what I have found so far:


| Exodus

| Very secure, hand scan access - racks are open (no door)

| 24x7 access

| Closed circuit cameras

| Well connected

| $1500 a month for a half rack


| NWLink

| Not very secure - open racks

| Must page someone for access

| No cameras

| 4 DS-3s

| $600 a month for 1/2 rack plus usage after 6GB


| Level 3

| Very nice - very cheap

| No space available this year!


| Orconet

| Keycard access - closed racks

| 24x7 access

| No cameras

| 2 OC-48s - they tout themselves as having a very reliable network

| $1200ish after discounts for a full rack


| Currently thinking Orconet is number one choise. Then NW Link. Any

| comments or experiences?


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