Co-location in the Seattle area.

Christopher Twigg cdtwigg at
Wed May 17 13:46:27 PDT 2000

Be careful of the bandwidth rates, though; most companies will charge you
bandwidth in excess of the price they quote you for the space (they can't
afford not to). Only one of those below list usage charges, but ISPs
can't afford not to (it would be a serious expense for them if you decided
to locate the next Yahoo in their cabinets and managed to fill up all
10mbs of the upstream pipe).

Christopher Twigg
cdtwigg at

On Wed, 17 May 2000, M. Oesterwinter wrote:

> There were some short little talks about co-location earlier. I am

> curious if anyone has researched co-location in the Seattle area. I have

> been doing some checking. I am looking for the standard 1M burstable to

> 10M. Here is what I have found so far:


> Exodus

> Very secure, hand scan access - racks are open (no door)

> 24x7 access

> Closed circuit cameras

> Well connected

> $1500 a month for a half rack


> NWLink

> Not very secure - open racks

> Must page someone for access

> No cameras

> 4 DS-3s

> $600 a month for 1/2 rack plus usage after 6GB


> Level 3

> Very nice - very cheap

> No space available this year!


> Orconet

> Keycard access - closed racks

> 24x7 access

> No cameras

> 2 OC-48s - they tout themselves as having a very reliable network

> $1200ish after discounts for a full rack


> Currently thinking Orconet is number one choise. Then NW Link. Any

> comments or experiences?



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