eth hanging on shutdown

Mike Hornung mike at
Wed May 17 23:37:27 PDT 2000

Guess it's time to start looking at the script(s) to see at which point it
hangs. What distro is this? What is the last thing you see on the screen
before it appears to hang? Does it respond to anything? How long have
you waited before you considered it to be "hung?" Any other details that
may be useful?

-=<(| mike at |)>=-

On Wed, 17 May 2000, Adam Stenseth wrote:


|Hey, for the last couple days, whenever I've run shutdown, it hangs

|whenever it tries to shutdown the eth0 interface. Anyone ever seen that



| -Adam




| Oh, dear, where can the matter be

| When it's converted to energy?

| There is a slight loss of parity.

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