our webpage... sorta...

Z. Frazier zfrazier at u.washington.edu
Sat Dec 1 01:57:07 PST 2001

hi everyone,

i have finished the working version of the new clubs webpage. It can be
found at: http://students.washington.edu/zfrazier/new/index.html

why not "http://students.wash.../linux" you ask ? because i am a dork
forgot the password...

soon though... :)

anyways, i would appreciate any and all feeback. it would be absolutly
wonderful if you cdould send me more linux and expecially more general
unix/bsd links for the resources page. Also, i am thinking of updateing
the image of tux in front of the "W".

Some ideas...

a tux and BSD dameon standing on each side.
a tux sitting next to the new uw logo.

any other ideas? or do people like a floating detached penguin head?

please let me know if anything looks absolutly broken or ugly in any
browser. I have tested it in newscape 4.75, and mozilla 6.1, and of
course Lynx...

Let the complaining commence!


Zach Frazier
zfrazier at u.washington.edu

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