I'm having problems doing a text mode upgrade from RedHat 6.2 to Redhat 7.2

Jeff Silverman jeffs at kant.ee.washington.edu
Tue Dec 4 22:31:58 PST 2001

I am doing a text mode upgrade on an old server from RedHat 6.2 to
RedHat 7.2. It detects that there is a RedHat installation on
/dev/hda2 and then it says that the file systems were not dismounted
properly, reboot, run fsck, and reboot.

So I rebooted into single user mode, ran fsck, restarted the upgrade,
and I get the same message.

So I started again, only this time, before it tries to mount the file
systems, I go to another virtual terminal, arefully created a mount
point, mount each file system, unmount it, and it still complains. It
also doesn't say which file system is dirty, which would be... helpful.
This server has 2 IDE drives, a CD-ROM, and an IDE tape drive. The BIOS
understands all this, but I understand that Linux ignores the BIOS.

Does anybody have any advice?

Jeff Silverman, sysadmin for the Research Computing Systems (RCS)
University of Washington, School of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Dept.
Box 352500, Seattle, WA, 98125-2500 FAX: (206) 221-5264 Phone (206) 221-5394
jeffs at rcs.ee.washington.edu http://rcs.ee.washington.edu/~jeffs

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