Room Confirmed (EE1 403): LUG Meeting Scheduled for Thursday December 6th (fwd)

Richard Lotz rlotz at
Wed Dec 5 11:22:43 PST 2001

The building is actually EE1, not EEB as EEB has been demolished. EE1 is
also known as the CS/EE building, or new electrical engineering building.
I've fixed the references below. My apologies.


Greetings again,

Tomorrow's (Thursday, December 6th), LUG meeting will be held in the CS/EE
building, room 403. We have a conference room on the fourth floor of EE1.
Enter the building from the south "tower" on the ground floor and take the
elevator to the fourth floor. The room is in the south west most corner
of the building. There will also be signs pointing the way. If you need
help finding EE1 take a look at the url below:

I plan on setting up a demo SeattleWireless node for the meeting, bring
your laptop and 802.11b cards if you've got them.

I hope to see you all there!

Richard Lotz

On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Richard Lotz wrote:

> Greetings all,


> This a reminder that the Linux Users Group at the University of Washington

> will be having its first meeting in over a year this coming Thursday,

> December 6th 2001. The location is to be announced, though we will

> hopefully have a conference room in the EE building. I will be at the

> meeting location by 7:00pm, the meeting will officially start by 7:30pm.


> Once the room is confirmed I will send out another email.


> Rough Agenda:

> 19:00 Room open, and time for general chit-chat

> 19:30 Officer Introduction and Announcements

> 20:00 SeattleWireless talk by Ken Caruso and Richard Lotz

> 20:30 Wireless technology show and tell.

> 20:45 Questions/Discussion about SeattleWireless.

> 21:00 General discussion


> This is only a rough estimate, I've add a lot of buffer time for each

> section. Hopefully we can hash out some plan of action for the lug at this

> first meeting. I'd love to know what people what from the group and what

> we can do to make it better for the campus community. If you would to

> present anything (short talk, maybe some announcements) to the group please

> email me.


> If you plan on attending the meeting please RSVP to

> linuxug at, I'm just curious how many people we should

> expect. There is no obligation to RSVP, I just want to know if we'll get

> 5 or 25 people :)


> -

> Richard Lotz

> LUG President



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