SeattleWireles Meeting Sunday

Richard Lotz rlotz at
Sat Dec 8 13:22:50 PST 2001

Thursday's LUG meeting had a great turn out! I'd like to thank everone
that came to the meeting and helped brain storm future ideas. I think we
had around 30 people there, maybe even a few more.

There is a Seattle Wireless meeting this Sunday at 2:00pm in GeorgeTown.
Details can be found on Once the meeting
is over we will be building pringles can 2.4Ghz antennas. For about 9
bucks you can create a directional antenna that can cary your wireless lan
10 miles or more. If anyone that is coming to the meeting wants to
participate in making antennas you'll need to bring your own can and
notify the organizers that you'll need some parts. Check the
dev at archives for who to contact, or bring you own
parts if you can get them.

Plans and part list is here:


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