Is it possible to convert a file system from EXT3 -> EXT2?

Jeff Silverman jeffs at
Mon Dec 10 09:25:47 PST 2001

Over the weekend, I tried updating my home machine from RH 6.2 to RH
7.2. I selected the convert from EXT2 to EXT3 feature, which was
probably a dumb idea. The update crashed at the first step. So I tried
to reboot my machine under the old system. SURPRISE! All of the file
systems converted from EXT2 to EXT3 and now the 6.2 system doesn't get
it; won't boot at all.

So what I need is a tool that will run under trinux that will convert
EXT3 to EXT2 filesystem, or else a tool that will run under trinux that
will enable EXT3 on a RH6.2 system, or else I need to get a new system
disk and install RH7.2 with EXT3 support from scratch. Blech!

Any advice?


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