Is it possible to convert a file system from EXT3 -> EXT2?

Peter Abrahamsen peidran at
Mon Dec 10 14:12:49 PST 2001

Something I don't think has been mentioned in the other replies is that ext3
filesystems may be mounted as ext2 only if they are marked as clean. It's
possible that, as someone said, you can run e2fsck to salvage the
filesystem. Otherwise, you'll have to mount while booted from a kernel which
understands ext3. The 2.4-series kernels with alan cox's patches contain
such support, as well as vanilla kernels after 2.4.15 or so.

Good luck, and hope that helped.


On Mon, Dec 10, 2001 at 09:25:47AM -0800, Jeff Silverman wrote:

> Over the weekend, I tried updating my home machine from RH 6.2 to RH

> 7.2. I selected the convert from EXT2 to EXT3 feature, which was

> probably a dumb idea. The update crashed at the first step. So I tried

> to reboot my machine under the old system. SURPRISE! All of the file

> systems converted from EXT2 to EXT3 and now the 6.2 system doesn't get

> it; won't boot at all.


> So what I need is a tool that will run under trinux that will convert

> EXT3 to EXT2 filesystem, or else a tool that will run under trinux that

> will enable EXT3 on a RH6.2 system, or else I need to get a new system

> disk and install RH7.2 with EXT3 support from scratch. Blech!

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