Questions about the crontab.

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If you're using Pico, you can use Ctrl+O (^O) to WriteOut the file. Then
you can specify the filename to use. Once it's written, you can use ^X to

~ Michal


On 2001-12-22 at 10:23, Mark-Nathaniel Weisman wrote:



>How do you exit the crontab once you've made your changes.


>Thank you,

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>If your root you can just put this in /etc/crontab

># m h dom mon dow user command

>*/10 * * * * root /path/

>Make sure you have


>or whatever on the first line of your perl script.

>If you don't have root access you can make your own crontab, see man

>crontab If you run "crontab -e" you can put that line in your own

>crontab. Charlie


>On Fri, 21 Dec 2001, Mark-Nathaniel Weisman wrote:




>> Mike,

>> Don't mean to bother you, but I've got a question regarding the

>> crontab. I've done a little reading and I'm hoping you can make

>> sense of editing the crontab with pico. I want to add a function

>> that will fire a .pl script every 10 minutes. Would you be so kind

>> as to

>> demonstrate the steps to do this. Right now I just moved the .cgi

>> script into the /etc/cron.hourly directory and left it at that.

>> Unsure of what to do from here. Help, please. I'd greatly

>> appreciate it.


>> Thank you,

>> Mark-Nathaniel Weisman A+, MCP, CNA, MOUS MI

>> Network Systems Administrator

>> Career Academy

>> Anchorage, AK





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