Set up samba.

William Rowden rowdenw at
Wed Dec 26 17:07:43 PST 2001

On Sunday, William Rowden wrote:

> Perhaps I'll try un-commenting "local master = no".

This had no discernible effect other than to remove "HURSTON" from
the "Master" entry of the output of `smbclient -L hurston`.

> > I have found that "share" level browsing has worked for me

> > quite well as opposed to the default "user" mode.

I changed from "user" to "share" and ran `/etc/rc.d/init.d/smb
restart`. It didn't appear to change the ability to access hurston.
Note that despite the "cannot be located" error, the Win98 computers
show hurston on the network:

C:\WINDOWS>net view
Servers available in workgroup HARLEM.
Server name Remark
\\DUBOIS The computer dedicated to solving problems
\\HURSTON Linux Samba Server
\\TOOMER Corey
The command was completed successfully.

They are unable to access anything on hurston, however.

> > Another trouble I have had is making sure the subnet addresses

> > for all boxes are the same. If you are running a class c

> > network, the subnet mask should be with broadcast

> > address of

Using `winipcfg` on each Win98 computer, I can see that the subnet
masks is, indeed, Connecting to the Win98 computers
using `smbclient -L dubois` and 'smbclient -L toomer` shows a
broadcast address of How does one check the
broadcast address on Windoze, btw?

Should I have the Win boxes log onto a NT domain and try user
security again?
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