Set up samba.

William Rowden rowdenw at
Thu Dec 27 14:30:25 PST 2001

Are you all tired of my samba woes yet? I am.

Yesterday, William Rowden wrote:

> It appears I need to run `ipchains -v -I input 5 -p udp -s

> --destination-port 137:139 -j ACCEPT` and test

> the Windows machines when I return to the office.

I opened the NetBIOS ports:

[root at hurston init.d]# ipchains -L
Chain input (policy ACCEPT):
target prot opt source destination ports
ACCEPT udp ------ anywhere any -> netbios-ns:netbios-ssn

Unfortunately, now I simply get a different error:

C:\WINDOWS>net view \\hurston

Error 59: An unexpected network error has occurred. Quit all
running programs, restart your computer, and then try again.
If the problem persists, contact your network administrator.

This occurs whether "smb.conf" has "local master = no" or "preferred
master = yes". (The Win98 computers don't show--via `smbclient
-L`--hurston as master in either case. When hurston is not master,
it only lists itself and the master for `smbclient -L hurston`.) It
occurs whether "security = user" or "security = share".

Actually, when "smb.conf" has "preferred master = yes" and "security
= share", there are different errors:

C:\WINDOWS>net view

Error 6118: The computer(s) sharing resources in this
workgroup cannot be located. The computer(s) might have been
restarted. Wait a few minutes, and then try again. If the
problem persists, make sure your network-adapter settings
are correct.

C:\WINDOWS>net view \\hurston

Error 53: The computer name specified in the network path
cannot be located. Make sure you are specifying the computer
name correctly, or try again later when the remote computer
is available.

What in the world is going on?

The suggestions I haven't yet tried are setting the Windows
computers to logon to a NT domain, pointing them to hurston for
WINS, or adding DNS. Which of them seems more relevant? Are there
any other suggestions?
Here's looking at you, kid.

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