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Jeff Silverman jeffs at
Thu Dec 27 21:57:51 PST 2001

William Rowden wrote:

> I need to configure an MTA for my (Red Hat 7.2) system, and this

> list was helpful with Samba (thanks!), so I'm asking for

> recommendations. The default installation is running `sendmail`,

> but I haven't found its configuration intuitive.

Don't take it personal: neither does anybody else.

Sendmail is complicated because E-mail is complicated in general (I
think that the specs were written before the cost of complexity was well
understood) and because it was designed in the days before the
internet. Consequently, there are a lot of powerful features that are
no longer relevent. However, before you give up on it, my understand
(and I could be wrong here) is that sendmail does a better job of
filtering "spam" than any other mailer.

> How do `qmail` and

> `postfix`, for example, compare? I see there are RPMs for those as

> well. What other MTAs are people using? Is anyone using IMAP, POP3

> or SMTP over SSL?


> I'll open ports 25, 110, 220, etc. before asking the list for MTA

> configuration help. :)

I recomend that just open port 25 for starters, and you can get more
sophisticated later.


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> -William

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