Recommend MTA.

M. Hornung mike at
Fri Dec 28 03:05:24 PST 2001

Hiya Dan. Long time no see.

My experience with sendmail has been a pleasant one. I haven't had to buy
any books, but I have sunk a lot of time into reading documentation (a
single README, and some more detailed stuff on It does
everything I want it to do.

I've heard that qmail is good; that everything by Dan Bernstein is good,
but I can't attest to that. I'm sure there have been many a flame war
about what is "best".


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On Fri, 28 Dec 2001 at 07:32, Dan Sanderson wrote:


|I like Exim far more than I expected to, but my only other MTA experience

|has been with sendmail, and it wasn't a happy one. I tried Exim because

|it's the default for the latest Debian, and I got it to do almst

|everything I wanted it to do in just a few hours.


|It's not the simplest; I still needed the O'Reilly book to get it where I

|wanted, and there are some things I still don't understand. But virtual

|hosting was a snap, and that's mostly what I was looking for.


|-- Dan



|On Thu, 27 Dec 2001, William Rowden wrote:


|> I need to configure an MTA for my (Red Hat 7.2) system, and this

|> list was helpful with Samba (thanks!), so I'm asking for

|> recommendations. The default installation is running `sendmail`,

|> but I haven't found its configuration intuitive. How do `qmail` and

|> `postfix`, for example, compare? I see there are RPMs for those as

|> well. What other MTAs are people using? Is anyone using IMAP, POP3

|> or SMTP over SSL?


|> I'll open ports 25, 110, 220, etc. before asking the list for MTA

|> configuration help. :)

|> --

|> -William

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