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Aaron aaron at
Fri Dec 28 11:02:10 PST 2001

I started using postfix several years ago, and I liked it. I was
later swayed by the Maildir > mbox argument. At the time, I don't
think postfix supported Maildir, so I switched to qmail.

I found qmail a pain to set up compared to postfix. I also had to
re-compile my mail client (pine) to support Maildir, and the
third-party patch introduces some new problems when running multiple
pine sessions and filtering incoming mail. qmail has more config
files than postfix, and doing something like accepting mail for a
second domain requires changing multiple config files (as opposed to a
single, one-line change in postfix, IIRC). If you want to be able to
use sendmail-like features (e.g. .forward files) with qmail, you have
to install additional DJB software ("dot-forward", in this example).

On the plus side, I don't recall having had to touch the qmail
software since I installed it: it's been stable and functional, and
it's only at v1.03. DJB used to offer a cash reward if you found a
security bug in his software, but no one ever claimed the reward (note
that I didn't say no bugs were ever found -- I'll avoid the discussion
of whether or not there's any value in holding "hack my software for
cash" contests). But at least publically, it has a much more secure
history than sendmail (then again, what doesn't?). qmail users have
other reasons they prefer qmail to other alternatives. You can find
some of those reasons here:

OTOH, the author of postfix is no security slouch, though. Wietse
Venema is the author (and co-author) of numerous pieces of security
software (TCT, tcp_wrappers, Satan, and more[1]).

No software is bug-free, though, so be prepared to patch/upgrade
whichever MTA you choose.

All that being said, I'm considering switching back to postfix. I'd
rather have ease of configuration and a few more patches to apply than
a more painful configuration process and several extra required
executables to accomplish what I want to get done.



On 01.12.27 at 21:41, William Rowden wrote:

# I need to configure an MTA for my (Red Hat 7.2) system, and this
# list was helpful with Samba (thanks!), so I'm asking for
# recommendations. The default installation is running `sendmail`,
# but I haven't found its configuration intuitive. How do `qmail` and
# `postfix`, for example, compare? I see there are RPMs for those as
# well. What other MTAs are people using? Is anyone using IMAP, POP3
# or SMTP over SSL?
# I'll open ports 25, 110, 220, etc. before asking the list for MTA
# configuration help. :)
# --
# -William
# "Are my methods unsound?" "I don't see any method at all, sir."

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