Few questions (debian related)

M. Oesterwinter marcuso at u.washington.edu
Fri Dec 28 15:10:05 PST 2001

I am trying to rebuild a server, and have a few of questions:

1. How do you change the @INC for perl?

2. What is the best way of installing perl modules on debian? Should I
perl -MCPAN them all, or should I try to apt-get as many as possible?
Should I upgrade perl with -MCPAN, or should I use apt-get? Can I
automatcially configure the CPAN module for debian by apt-getting

3. If I need to compile my own apache on debian, should I:
1. Download source and compile as usual
2. Download source package - (compile as usual?)
3. Create my own .deb??? - how?

I guess that turned into more than a few question.... Thanks.

- Marcus

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