tunnel across linux and bsd howto

Aaron aaron at darklands.org
Mon Dec 31 00:24:55 PST 2001

# Students aren't supposed to be running servers on their dorm
# computers.

Students aren't supposed to be running servers _visible off-campus_ on
their res. hall computers. Running a server visible only to UW
address space is fine (last I knew).

# If you wanted to break the rules you would likely find that
# tcp/5000 would not be blocked by the router ACLs on dorm subnets.

Just don't do anything that might get the server noticed. It's not
uncommon for a res. hall computer to have its switch port disabled
when it draws attention to itself and is found in violation of policy.
It may not always happen, but it's a risk one takes by violating
policy. Just something to keep in mind.


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