R. David Whitlock ryandav at
Mon Feb 5 08:45:02 PST 2001

Hi everyone

So, according to the SAO office, we still have one more thing to do to be
considered in the good graces of the UW as a blessed and official "club".
Someone must go to an orientation held weekly on Wednesdays at 2 o'clock
in the HUB and listen to someone drone on for about a half hour about
things that don't really apply to non-fundraising, non-office holding
clubs like us and then sign "linux users group" on the sign in sheet.

But it's required. I am unable to make it, and need a volunteer. Once we
have that done, we can get rooms and start the meetings up again (I've had
a lot of inquiries on this recently, you know who you are...)

Would some kind soul (possibly even one of the people who signed on as
officers) be able to make it so we can be kosher again? I am assured that
this need only happen once per academic year, and then we'll be good till
next February.

-David, list admin

"If PacMan had affected us as kids, we'd be running around in dark rooms,
munching pills and listening to electronic music"

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