Network not working - But everything is setup fine?

Cliff cliffo at
Mon Feb 5 17:38:50 PST 2001

Are you pinging by dns name? If so, and networking is down, ping will
sit there waiting for the nameserver response. (i.e. ping will
just sit there with no response).

Can you ping yourself (by ip address, not domain name)? Are you running
dhcp? Did you get an ip address from the dhcp server when you started
the network? Can you ping the gateway? If not, can you ping anyone on
your subnet? If you have control over the gateway, is there a problem
with that setup somehow? If you can ping the gateway, is the gateway in
your routing table? If it is, can you ping me (

If the answer was yes to all of those, then can you ping the dns
server? If you can't, that will give you problems too.


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