Network not working - But everything is setup fine?

E West finesse at
Tue Feb 6 07:22:12 PST 2001

If you would give us the make, model of your computer, along with
the make and model of your nic, we'll give it a shot at diagnosing the
problem. Which flavor of Linux you are running may also be of some

My favorite problem with nic is the one in some transitional cards that
have connectors for both ten base t and the older coaxial connections, and
/default/ to one or the other, automatically. These require booting up in
dos, using the factory disks to run a setup program to force the card to
read the 'other' connection.

Another fave is the plug and play nic that finds its own interrupt
setting.. and works today, but next time you boot up, does not work
because it has chosen the same interrupt as your monitor, or your
keyboard, or some other vital peripheral. Again, the solution is that
little floppy disk that came with the card and booting up in dos, to run
the mfg setup program, and turn off the card's plug and play features and
fix a permanent interrupt. Also helps, /sometimes/ to turn off the plug
and play features in your bios.

Best luck,


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On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Benjamin Honsinger wrote:

* I have a computer in which networking appears to be setup correctly in
* all ways I know how to check. ifconfig returns a perfectly setup netcard,
* everything is setup perfect in netconf. In short, despite of all the great
* knowledge I've gleaned from previous help from this list, I haven't a clue as
* to what is wrong. Any suggestions? I know this is kind of vague, but I don't
* know what else to say - I can't find anything wrong to report. No error is
* given when I ping anywhere, it simply sits there. Thanks for any help!
* - Ben Honsinger
* PS The ethernet cable is cat5 and works.

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