I am getting a weird message from automounter - can somebody tell me what it all means?

Jeff Silverman jeffs at kant.ee.washington.edu
Tue Feb 6 13:06:28 PST 2001

I am in the process of connecting a relatively old machine with the
2.2.9 kernel to my existing automount (am-utils 6.0.4) configuration.
I got NIS up and running and then when I turn on amd, I get the
following error messages in /var/log/amd.

Feb 6 13:03:13 umtanum amd[20676]/warn: last message repeated 100
Feb 6 13:03:14 umtanum amd[20676]/warn: amfs_toplvl_unmount retrying
/g in 1s

Repeated more or less every 100 seconds, as you might expect.

Any helpful advice?

Many thanks,


Jeff Silverman, sysadmin for the Research Computing Systems (RCS)
University of Washington, School of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Dept.
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jeffs at rcs.ee.washington.edu http://rcs.ee.washington.edu/~jeffs

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