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Tue Feb 6 14:38:32 PST 2001


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering ACM is hosting a Linux
Installfest. If you are interested in helping or attending, please see

Matt Barclay
mbarclay at

P.S. When you RSVP for the event, please note in your Email that you are
a linux at u reader. Rumor has it that there will also be pizza and drinks

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From: Isaac Nichols <isaac at>
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Subject: ACM Linux Install Fest!
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 20:59:24 GMT

Hello All,

I wanted to invite you to the ACM Linux Install Fest!

Date: Saturday, February 10th
Time: Starting at 12:30 PM -- Ending when you have Linux installed. :)
Location: Sieg 322 (Video Wall Room)

Have you ever wanted to install Linux on your home computer but
felt like you needed an expert standing by in case something happened?
Well, now is your chance! The ACM has arranged for several Linux Gurus to
hold your hand through the installation process and give you a basic
introduction on how to operate Linux at home.

Please note that you will be bringing in your home computer,
including monitor, keyboard, etc... Parking on Saturday is FREE on
campus, so hopefully it won't be too difficult to bring in your computer.

Please send me an email (isaac at cs) no later than this Thursday at
Midnight (Feb 8th) if you want to participate in the Install Fest. There
is a limit to the number of computers we can handle in room 322, so first
come, first served! Email me now!

- Isaac Nichols
UW/ACM Chair

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