Network not working - But everything is setup fine?

Benjamin Honsinger Honsinger at
Tue Feb 6 17:09:31 PST 2001

Ok, I'll answer questions people have asked; Also, please note my new
discoveries - they seem very strange to me.

As to Cliff's Questions on my pinging abilities:
I can ping my own ip (, and nothing else. No dns names, no
gateway, no other ips, not Cliff.

West's Questions:
My computer is a Gateway2000 P5-90, running Mandrake-Linux (version 7.0? not
sure). The nic is a 3COM 3c503 16-TP, with both 10bt connection and coaxial?
(serial/parallel type) connection. According to Linux the nics IRQ is 5 and its
Base Address is 280. I am using the 3c503 module in linux.

Now for my own discoveries:
Weirdly enough, I've come to the conclusion that ping requests _are_ leaving
the computer, but not returning. All lights on the nic function normally, and
the kicker is that when I ping (any ip) the hub the computer is connected to
shows activity from the computer (ie light blinks every time a ping request is
sent out). This seems really strange to me, and possibly might help one of you
decipher what's going on here.

I am still completely stumped, and I am relying on all you gurus to help me
out! =) Thanks!

- Ben Honsinger

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