Network not working - But everything is setup fine?

michael scott frank msfrank at
Tue Feb 6 16:54:02 PST 2001

Do you have other machines on your hub? can you try pinging those? The
way you describe the problem sounds like a routing problem. If you aren't
using dhcp (i don't think you would be having this problem if you did),
then you should know your default gateway and your subnet, so double check

Otherwise, have you tried using the NIC in another machine? A rare
possibility is that your NIC may be slightly damaged in some way, mangling
packets on the way out or doing some other undetectable oddity.

If it still doesn't seem to work, you could try running tcpdump in the
background while attempting to ping, telnet, ftp, etc, then analyze the
log. If you don't understand networking very well, you could post the
results on the list, or (since it is sometimes frowned upon sending large
files on a mailing list) you could send it to me directly and i'd be glad
to take a look at it.


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On Tue, 6 Feb 2001, Benjamin Honsinger wrote:

> Ok, I'll answer questions people have asked; Also, please note my new

> discoveries - they seem very strange to me.


> As to Cliff's Questions on my pinging abilities:

> I can ping my own ip (, and nothing else. No dns names, no

> gateway, no other ips, not Cliff.


> West's Questions:

> My computer is a Gateway2000 P5-90, running Mandrake-Linux (version 7.0? not

> sure). The nic is a 3COM 3c503 16-TP, with both 10bt connection and coaxial?

> (serial/parallel type) connection. According to Linux the nics IRQ is 5 and its

> Base Address is 280. I am using the 3c503 module in linux.


> Now for my own discoveries:

> Weirdly enough, I've come to the conclusion that ping requests _are_ leaving

> the computer, but not returning. All lights on the nic function normally, and

> the kicker is that when I ping (any ip) the hub the computer is connected to

> shows activity from the computer (ie light blinks every time a ping request is

> sent out). This seems really strange to me, and possibly might help one of you

> decipher what's going on here.


> I am still completely stumped, and I am relying on all you gurus to help me

> out! =) Thanks!


> - Ben Honsinger


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