Home built woes

Peter M Garfield garfield at math.washington.edu
Tue Feb 6 18:06:32 PST 2001


I'm a semi-novice, and I have problems with my home-built PC. I just
upgraded the hard drive, video card, and monitor, and put up a fresh
installation of Red Hat 7.0 from the local mirror. Everything works

....and then it doesn't. The screen goes black, and I'm tossed out to
the (graphical) login screen. Or the screen freezes, and I can do
nothing. One small hint: after the first type (tossed out to login
screen), often the mouse pointer is frozen in the middle of the
screen. I always end up power cycling and plodding through the
resulting reboot.

My question: how can I figure out what's happening? Any hints or
thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Tired of running fsck manually,



Peter M. Garfield
garfield at math.washington.edu

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