Home built woes

Mike mike at boobaz.net
Tue Feb 6 18:14:20 PST 2001

For hints, look in /var/log/XFree86*.log. Maybe X is freaking out over
your new video card (if you're using a configuration for your old card).

You could run 'Xconfigurator' or 'xf86config' to set things up.

You could boot into single-user mode (at the lilo prompt, type "linux
single") and run 'startx' as root and see what the error(s) is/are if and
when X dies.

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On Tue, 6 Feb 2001 at 18:06, Peter M Garfield wrote:




|I'm a semi-novice, and I have problems with my home-built PC. I just

|upgraded the hard drive, video card, and monitor, and put up a fresh

|installation of Red Hat 7.0 from the local mirror. Everything works



|...and then it doesn't. The screen goes black, and I'm tossed out to

|the (graphical) login screen. Or the screen freezes, and I can do

|nothing. One small hint: after the first type (tossed out to login

|screen), often the mouse pointer is frozen in the middle of the

|screen. I always end up power cycling and plodding through the

|resulting reboot.


|My question: how can I figure out what's happening? Any hints or

|thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.


|Tired of running fsck manually,






|Peter M. Garfield

|garfield at math.washington.edu




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