Home built woes

Peter M Garfield garfield at math.washington.edu
Wed Feb 7 09:54:33 PST 2001

Hi Terence and all,

> Couple of questions:


> How bad a freeze is it?


> Is it X freaking out, in which case, can you kill the X server

> (Ctrl-Alt-Backspace)?

It just totally freezes. Once I had a reaction from
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace, but it was mostly a "flinch" and I got nothing
usable (the screen was frozen, just in a slightly different way).

> Is it a complete hardware lock up? Does it still respond to, say the

> numlock key? What about Ctrl-Alt-Del?

This is it. I haven't tried numlock, but Ctrl-Alt-Del gets me

Of course, sometimes it doesn't freeze, it just boots me to the login
screen, after which my mouse doesn't work. I can log out (I get a
menu from Ctrl-Esc, then cursor down to "Logout") but I can't shut

I should mention that I *can* sometimes use the machine for 5-25
minutes before this happens. It's just frustrating because the reboot
takes another 5-10 minutes (with having to run fsck manually).

I checked the XFree logs, but I couldn't find anything that looked
too much like an error or a warning. It did seem (from the install
and the log) to find my video card chip set (Riva TNT2 M64) with no

Thanks again,



Peter M. Garfield
garfield at math.washington.edu

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