Questions about an LDAP server?

J. Kyllo jjkyllo at
Thu Feb 8 12:35:19 PST 2001

Well, I actually set up openLDAP yesterday on a redhat 6.2 box. I used
the source rpm which rquires tons of stuff (3 different db types, although
you only need one) but it's working great. It's currently using ldbm but
I'd like it to use postgres eventually. The source rpm required unixODBC
which has support for postgres but I can't seem to get it to use ODBC, oh
well for now. Anyway, if you use openLDAP, go to and they've
got a quick-start guide and their manual which is enough to get up and
running and designing your ldap db. I.e., the schema for how things are
related, etc.

-Jeff K.

On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, Mark Weisman wrote:


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> I guess nobody has setup an LDAP server on their Red Hat box? I've

> got all the "how-to" info, and I'm just concerned that there is some

> setup issue that you "should" do prior to starting, and I was hoping

> for some more information. Well, if anyone does vaguely remember

> anything, please forward any information to me and the list, I would

> GREATLY appreciate it.


> Here I go,

> Thank you,

> Mark Weisman

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> Outland Domain Group of Alaska

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> Hey all,

> I am attempting to setup an LDAP server on my Red Hat box that will

> provide encryption and digital signature services. I have done some

> research, and downloaded the latest and greatest copy of the LDAP

> server software. Haven't really dug into it yet, however, I was

> hoping that one of you may have set it up, and could give some

> advice. I'd greatly appreciate any and all assistance in this.


> Thanks,

> Mark



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