X4 upgrade problem

R. David Whitlock ryandav at u.washington.edu
Thu Feb 8 13:44:49 PST 2001

I know it never helps to hear this after the fact, but remember to back up
config files like XF86Config before you do updates/upgrades. I often just
tar my whole dang /etc directory, since this is where almost all conf
files _should_ live, and its often quite small to begin with.

I recently did this update (2 weeks ago) on another person's machine, and
we didn't get any errors like that, so I don't think its a system-wide
problem. Doesn't apt leave behind copies of the config files that it
writes over, something in the same directory? I would start with that
first. Also, check and see if you are still running the same XServer that
you think you are (check the link in /usr/bin/X11/something to see where
it points, svga or whatnot). You can also have dselect choose a new
XServer for you, have you tried de-incrementing to a previous version of

Hope something here helps...


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On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, Andrew Shinn wrote:

> Has anyone on the list gone recently from the debian stable to the new

> testing release? Getting a bit ahead of myself (and greedy to see

> changes), I decided to do this (novice that I am). Anyway, in doing

> so I was upgraded to X4 and I just CAN'T get it configured properly.

> XF86Setup can't get itself going, nor can the new config tools, so

> I've been trying with xf86config. No go. I just get a really messed

> up wobbly screen with a 1" square for a mouse pointer. Now, I had X

> properly configured before (I had done it myself when I first

> installed debian on this box), and it was never a problem. Anyone

> have similar experiences or some hints?


> --Drew


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