modules and 2.4.1

R. David Whitlock ryandav at
Sat Feb 10 04:04:42 PST 2001

I believe Linus announced his intentions to clean up the modules tree for
2.4 based on discussions about oddball drivers hiding in odd
subdirectories, i.e. modules that don't really fit in the categories they
belong in. Important modules (like some NIC card drivers were
found in directories like /misc).

I can't remember the exact details, but the closest conversation I can
find with a quick scan was this one:


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On Fri, 9 Feb 2001, michael scott frank wrote:

> You're running an older version of modutils. Technically, the version of

> your modutils package should be the latest version for your kernel

> version, in this case 2.4.1. While its true that moving the module tree

> around to the old location will pretty much work, officially, there is

> the possibility that the older modutils may not be able to take advantage

> of newer module features. The fact that the modules are in a different

> place than they were, effectively breaking older modutils version, leads

> me to believe that it is a good idea to upgrade.


> I have no idea why the kernel dev team decided to move the module tree

> around tho, maybe someone on the list who follows the kernel dev lists

> could enlighten us?


> BTW, When you do a major kernel upgrade, you should check the needed

> versions of important kernel-related programs (a full list is in

> <srcs>/Documentation/Changes).


> Michael



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> On Fri, 9 Feb 2001, C. Mills wrote:


> > I just install 2.4.1 on a debian machine. After compiling the modules and

> > installing I could not get them to load. I played around with

> > depmod, modprobe, insmod, lsmod, trying to get my sound and network

> > modules loaded.

> > I couldn't get depmod to create anything more than an empty modules.dep

> > file, so the rest of the commands wouldn't work.

> > looking around in the /lib/modules/2.4.1 directory I noticed the modules I

> > needed were burried in a bunch of directories namely:

> > /lib/modules/2.4.1/kernel/drivers/net/

> > /lib/modules/2.4.1/kernel/drivers/sound/

> > so I copied the the net and sound directories into /lib/modules/2.4.1 so

> > it looked like this

> > /lib/modules/2.4.1/net/

> > /lib/modules/2.4.1/sound/

> > and everything works fine..

> > Does anyone know why?

> > Charlie

> >

> >

> >



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