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Assuming you have openssh, you will need to modify sshd_config (default location is /usr/local/etc when compiling from source). As far as I can tell, sftp is a sort of module you
can add to sshd and you need to uncomment that line from the config file.

Once I took care of that, I restarted sshd and switched over to my windows box running the ssh2.4 client you can download from Two icons are
installed on the for ssh and the other for sftp. Firing up sftp and then connecting to your remote box will present you with a complete list of files in the homedir
for the account you logged into. From there, it behaves almost like file explorer with support for drag and drop, etc... I would say it is very similar to the "Internet
Neighborhood" software that comes with command line needed.

There are some issues I've found with openssh in general though. You have to add that LIBS= line for slackware and I noticed that redhat7 has issues with sftp (like, it doesn't
work). I just tried compiling it on another RH6.1(?) box and also could not authenticate against the password file...

According to some bugtraq entries, running the sshd in "compatibility" mode will make you suceptible to the same attacks against ssh1 servers...but openssh is not prone to
this problem.

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