[ISN] SSH remote root exploit was released (fwd)

Dave Dittrich dittrich at cac.washington.edu
Wed Feb 21 11:17:44 PST 2001

FYI. Please update your SSH immediately, if you haven't done so

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Subject: [ISN] SSH remote root exploit was released
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Subject: SSH remote root exploit was released


A claimed exploit for the long-rumored SSHD remote root exploit was
released on BUGTRAQ about an hour ago. This is the bug in deattack.c
that allowed a 16-bit numeric overflow :-) (Nobody could do anything
with 16 bits, could they? :-( )

There is followup dicussion that seems to indicate that this is a real

This was originally reported through various channels about 6-7 Feb,
and showed up on BUGTRAQ 8 Feb.

There is a claim that Earthlink was "seriously compromised", possibly
via this exploit. See http://www.cotse.com/2152001.html for details
(This was reported on ISN this morning.)

Try this URL for the BUGTRAQ summary:

BUGTRAQ claims that all these are vulnerable:

OpenSSH OpenSSH 2.2
OpenSSH OpenSSH 2.1.1
OpenSSH OpenSSH 2.1
OpenSSH OpenSSH 1.2.3
OpenSSH OpenSSH 1.2.2
SSH Communications SSH 1.2.31
SSH Communications SSH 1.2.30
SSH Communications SSH 1.2.29
SSH Communications SSH 1.2.28
SSH Communications SSH 1.2.27
SSH Communications SSH 1.2.26
SSH Communications SSH 1.2.25
SSH Communications SSH 1.2.24

For SSH-1.2.27, the patch is in deattack.c:

*** deattack.c.orig Wed Feb 14 15:59:25 2001
- --- deattack.c Wed Feb 14 15:59:45 2001
*** 79,85 ****
detect_attack(unsigned char *buf, word32 len, unsigned char *IV)
static word16 *h = (word16 *) NULL;
! static word16 n = HASH_MINSIZE / HASH_ENTRYSIZE;
register word32 i, j;
word32 l;
register unsigned char *c;
- --- 79,85 ----
detect_attack(unsigned char *buf, word32 len, unsigned char *IV)
static word16 *h = (word16 *) NULL;
! static word32 n = HASH_MINSIZE / HASH_ENTRYSIZE;
register word32 i, j;
word32 l;
register unsigned char *c;

Your mileage may vary. For repairs/workarounds other versions of SSH,
check the BUGTRAQ notice.

"Patch early, patch often."

- --tep

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