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Thu Feb 22 15:31:41 PST 2001

Trevor, there is a mac ssh2 client at:

It's still in an alpha stage of dev and I have yet to try it out so I
can't speak to it's stability.

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On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Trevor Leffler wrote:

> We use ssh religiously in our office and rely heavily upon ssh keys to

> easily move back and forth between all the hosts we use. After

> installing ssh2, I read from the ssh-keygen2 man page that it can

> migrate ssh1 keys to ssh2, but it only understands the DSS cipher. Sure

> enough, I am unable to migrate my keys. Therefore, I find myself

> frustrated that we will have to generate new keys and disseminate them

> all over again. What a pain! Please tell me that I am wrong and that

> there is a less painful way to upgrade to ssh2.


> I also found that the latest versions of TTSSH and NiftyTelnet will not

> connect to the sshd2 server. Can I configure the server so that it will

> allow ssh 1.xx connections, or are there alternative desktop clients

> that I can offer our staff?


> Thanks,

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