questions about ssh2

C. Olmsted cliffo at
Thu Feb 22 16:16:02 PST 2001

I know that's version of sshd2 supports fall back mode to ssh1,
though fallback mode opens up the same security problems as sshd1 has.

Openssh may not help you with your keys problem, but it does support
fallback mode (I'm using it now with Teraterm) and it's incarnation of
ssh1 is not susceptible to the security problems of late.


On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Trevor Leffler wrote:

> We use ssh religiously in our office and rely heavily upon ssh keys to

> easily move back and forth between all the hosts we use. After

> installing ssh2, I read from the ssh-keygen2 man page that it can

> migrate ssh1 keys to ssh2, but it only understands the DSS cipher. Sure

> enough, I am unable to migrate my keys. Therefore, I find myself

> frustrated that we will have to generate new keys and disseminate them

> all over again. What a pain! Please tell me that I am wrong and that

> there is a less painful way to upgrade to ssh2.


> I also found that the latest versions of TTSSH and NiftyTelnet will not

> connect to the sshd2 server. Can I configure the server so that it will

> allow ssh 1.xx connections, or are there alternative desktop clients

> that I can offer our staff?


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