user login by physical console only?

Benjamin Honsinger Honsinger at
Thu Feb 22 18:16:23 PST 2001

I believe I remember having once read about a way to specify that a certain
user can only login from the console, and not through _any_ services over a
network. Does someone know how to do this? And if so, does it mitigate security
concerns regarding the internet and that user? I'm asking because I have
several computers setup with _simple_ dictionary user names and passwords.
Obviously this could be a security concern, but having secure passwords isn't
very feasible (ie technology hating users who wouldn't stand for typing in
hard, long passwords). These users will only ever access the machine
As a side note, even if the password was secure, with everyone at school
knowing it, it could get on the internet easy, and a hacker could get it.
I do have all services like telnet, ftp, etc turned off, I'm just looking was
to continually improve security.

- Ben Honsinger

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