looking for a top-notch sys admin

Cliff cliffo at u.washington.edu
Fri Feb 23 09:26:12 PST 2001

Not particularly. I don't consider it "raiding the UW of it's talent" since we
are mostly students and would be looking for placement outside the U as
graduation (or at least summer vacation) approaches. If this were a staff
mailing list, I would be more annoyed and would definitely interpret this as an
attempt to hire away good people who work here.


Jeff Silverman wrote:

> Alex Algard wrote:


> > We're looking for a top-notch sys admin. We are a profitable company and we

> > provide a competitive compensation and benefits package. Please contact me

> > for further info at algard at cardomain.com.

> >


> I am tantalized by the question: "Is it ethical for somebody outside the

> University to use a University mailing list and State computers to raid the

> university of its talent"?

> On the other hand, the university maintains a career placement office for its

> graduates and many people on this list are students. This mailing might be

> construed in the same way as state spending on a placement office.

> However, the shortage of qualified sysadmins here at the UW is well known.


> Does anybody else worry about such considerations?


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