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Aaron aaron at darklands.org
Fri Feb 23 10:23:20 PST 2001

Re: ethics, my personal opinion (UW/state regulations aside) is that I
don't have a problem with it. However, from

In no instance may email or computers be used for personal
business-related, commercial, campaign or political purposes, or to
promote an outside business or group. Additionally, employees are
prohibited from allowing any member of the public to make personal
use of state computers and computing resources.

Interpret as you will.

Re: shortage of sysadmins and raiding of talent, this almost has a
security through obscurity ring to it: "If we don't let potential
system administrators hear about other jobs, maybe they'll stay here."
I agree that we need many more system administrators (ref. recent
discussion on netsys/lanadmin for a list of problems and potential
solutions [policy/budget/mindset changes]). If shielding students
from outside job postings was our only hope, I think there would be
larger problems more deserving of attention.


On 01.02.23 at 09:13, Jeff Silverman wrote:

# Alex Algard wrote:
# > We're looking for a top-notch sys admin. We are a profitable company and we
# > provide a competitive compensation and benefits package. Please contact me
# > for further info at algard at cardomain.com.
# >
# I am tantalized by the question: "Is it ethical for somebody outside the
# University to use a University mailing list and State computers to raid the
# university of its talent"?
# On the other hand, the university maintains a career placement office for its
# graduates and many people on this list are students. This mailing might be
# construed in the same way as state spending on a placement office.
# However, the shortage of qualified sysadmins here at the UW is well known.
# Does anybody else worry about such considerations?
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