linuxconf and rpmdrake problems

Benjamin Honsinger Honsinger at
Fri Feb 23 16:42:44 PST 2001

It is a common problem for linuxconf to not work? I was having a big problem
getting a computer to work with two nics until I checked the
conf.modules file myself and found that linuxconf hadn't properly setup the
nics. Just curious. Also, one other thing; has anyone had problems with
rpmdrake in Mandrake 7.1? The kde rpm program works fine, but rpmdrake doesn't
seem to work at all. I can't install rpms with it - it always hangs when trying
to add a new location where the files are. This is kinda annoying, because on
several computers where I just have minimum installs, the kde rpm program isn't
installed, so now I have to do a binary install of an rpm program.

- Ben

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