Linksys LNE100TX v4.1 in RH7

Shawn A. Wilson lannocc at
Wed Feb 28 22:48:05 PST 2001

I'm trying to install a Linksys LNE100TX v4.1 (the newest model I believe)
in RedHat 7.0. I've tried it in both RH6.3 and RH7.0 with no luck. I've
been using the 'tulip' driver, and WAS able to get an older model of the
same card (LNE100TX) to work just fine. However, I only have one of the
older cards and I need two cards in the box so I need to get the new one

Has anyone else had similar difficulties with the v4.1 card? I recompiled
the tulip module with the most recent version I could find, but I'm not
certain it's the newest. Where might I find the newest version of this
module and some detailed (current) information of what this module will



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