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"M. Scholz" wrote:


> yep. you're right.


> So?


> No, really. Nowhere in the University's mission statement does it say

> "we are a part of the free software movement" to my mind, the issues

> raised by this article are things I'd be concerned about if I were a huge

> University distributing a product that everyone with a brain knows is from

> my university. You don't want people modifying your program, and

> redistributing it as "Pine" because if there are problems with the

> product, it reflects badly on your school.

We are part of the community of scholars, and one of the things that the
community of scholars creates is knowlege, which ideally is freely
shared by all.


> This is not a private citizen coding in his/her spare time. This is an

> institiution.

So what? If somebody modifies pine and redistributes it, then the
development of pine is forked. People will realize that our
distribution is better and will stop using the other fork (or they will
realize that the other distribution is better and we will abandon our
fork for their fork). A lot of open source software has been created by



> OK, I'm done spouting off.

I believe you, Matt. :-)


> -Matthew Scholz

> Where does Thinking end,

> and Feeling ...


> On Wed, 4 Jul 2001, Bradley Bell wrote:


> > On Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 11:47:26AM -0700, Justin Huff wrote:

> > > > it's bad enough to keep debian from distributing binaries. you have to

> > > > compile it yourself.

> > > IMHO, Debian likes to make big deals about very small issues. Purity first

> > > functionality later.

> > > --Justin (A proud slackware user:))

> >

> > It might seem like a small issue, but debian isn't going to change its rules

> > to accomodate the UW. That's great if slackware distributes a modified

> > pine binary (for which they must have a special license from the UW), but if

> > somebody else wants to make a "super-slackware" and redistributes slackware

> > pine, they can be sued.

> >

> > -brad

> >

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