MySQL, ODBC, and Access

JS Schiller scott at
Tue Jul 10 23:48:56 PDT 2001

....<roll eyes>

and this time I'll include the link referred to:

Should you choose to forego the route of making MySQL editable through
Access, I've found this app to be a great intermediate step for those of
us that NEED the GUI-

Scott Schiller

PS- I would love to see the man for the ODBC process (hint, hint) Any
pointers for a good place to start?

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> On Tue, 10 Jul 2001, M. Oesterwinter wrote:

> > We have a web-site that will soon be sticking data into a MySQL

> > database. The people that need to create querries for the

> database do

> > not use Unix or MySQL, but are quite familiar with Access.

> From what

> > I understand, you can use ODBC to link MySQL and Access. Am I

> > correct? Would this allow you to use Access on a client

> computer to

> > navigate and create querries on a MySQL database on a server? I am

> > assuming that there is no need to sync the database to the client

> > computer? How well does this solution work in real life situations?


> You can use ODBC to link MySQL with Microsoft applications (including

> Access & Visio). This would allow you to use Access on a client

> computer to manipulate a MySQL database located on a server. If you

> choose to link tables, then Access keeps in sync with MySQL.


> -Daniel


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