Install PHP on UW server

B. Koeller bkoeller at
Sun Jul 15 11:22:43 PDT 2001


Is the tutorial you refer to located at:

? It was written by Greg Stark, and used to be hosted on his UW web before
he left for other parts. A few questions:

1. Are you trying to compile on ovid/vergil or homer/dante? I believe the
compile will only work on the web boxes (ovid/vergil).

2. Are you only getting the errors with 'make install'? This should
complain about permissions because it tries to put the php binary in
places you presumably don't have permission to write to.

3. Are you trying to compile the binary from your public_html directory?
This probably won't work because the public_html directories are simlinked
to a completely different file system. The compile will probably get very
confused about where the libraries are.

4. Would you like a pre-compiled copy of the almost latest binary with gd
and mysql support and a copy of the .htaccess and .ini file I use?

Hope this helps. Php kicks much bootie. :)

Brandon Koeller
brandon at

On Sat, 14 Jul 2001, yu music wrote:



|I've seen many people running PHP and MySQL on the UW's student pages, so I

|know its possible, but there is no way i can get it to work. I found a

|tutorial that shows how to install PHP on UW's server, but it didnt work. I

|must have tried it at least 10 times and I always get some errors and stuff

|like that. Can anybody help me?? Regarding error they are usually

|premission type errors and when i configure PHP it says it cant find zlib

|eve though the path to it is correct. I'm geting really frustrated with

|this, so please help. I didn't sleep last night because of this, since

|compile times are fearly long for PHP.




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