A different samba question.

Joshua J. Loomis jloomis at u.washington.edu
Mon Jul 23 21:53:23 PDT 2001


I was curious as to whether or not any of the universal access systems
(becker or dante, in my case) have the smbmount utility available
somewhere. I'd like to somehow mount my files to dante or something so
that I might be able to admninistrate them while away from campus. if it
is not installed, are there any restrictions against it if I do not share
the contents with the public?

best regards,

On Mon, 23 Jul 2001, Steve Cramer wrote:

> I recently recompiled my kernel on RH6.2


> Now my Win98 box can't map linux box using Network Mapping.


> Any suggestions as to fix? A demon to blame?


> Thanks,


> Steve


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