Cisco 675 Question

Matt Holland mholland at
Thu Jul 26 14:46:08 PDT 2001

I faintly remember having to go into something called "enable mode" for
writes to nvram to take effect. Look into that, it might be the problem
you're having.


on 7/26/01 2:37 PM, Greg Daly at gdaly at was heard to say:

> Hey all,

> I have a cisco 675 that I recently upgraded to cbos 2.4.1. I set some static

> NAT entries up for a while, and then i didnt need them anymore. The only

> problem is, when I reboot or reset the cisco they come back.

> I have tried


> set nat entry delete all

> write

> show nat


> and they are gone, but upon reboot, they come back.

> any ideas?

> thanks,

> -greg


Matt Holland
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