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sorry to say, but you're way off base :D

You have to be in enable mode to do any of the commands we are talking

there is exec and enable mode, you start out in exec, then you type in
enable to set nat entries

goes like this
set nat entry delete all

and then they all come back.
I'm pretty sure that's the same problem the orginal guy is having.

Dan Podhola
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I faintly remember having to go into something called "enable mode" for
writes to nvram to take effect. Look into that, it might be the problem
you're having.


on 7/26/01 2:37 PM, Greg Daly at gdaly at was heard to say:

> Hey all,

> I have a cisco 675 that I recently upgraded to cbos 2.4.1. I set some


> NAT entries up for a while, and then i didnt need them anymore. The only

> problem is, when I reboot or reset the cisco they come back.

> I have tried


> set nat entry delete all

> write

> show nat


> and they are gone, but upon reboot, they come back.

> any ideas?

> thanks,

> -greg


Matt Holland
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