MySQL Troubles

M. Scholz msperrin at
Sat Jul 28 17:19:12 PDT 2001

Not having a great deal of MySql expertise, though I am trying, nor even a
list of symptoms (eg what machine is spitting this error, when it occurs,
what you're doing with it, etc)

The "obvious" steps I would take first would be:

I would probably try to see exactly what database the
file is calling on line 7, and then check the permissions, and users of
said database...

assuming you haven't already.

MORE INFO, Please...

-Matthew Scholz
Where does Thinking end,
and Feeling ...

On Sat, 28 Jul 2001, Dejan Nikic wrote:

> Well guys I had this problem for a while and i posted a message on the

> MySQL's mailing list but no reply yet, so I decided to get some help from my

> buddies at the U :).


> Anyone of you knows what this means?


> Warning: Host '' is not allowed to connect to this

> MySQL server in /nfs/guido06/dw01/d82/dejann/news/ on line 7


> I'm guessing there is a place to allow this server to connect, but where??

> Anyone??


> Thank you.


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